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The best gift for the best of you
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women's jewelry and personality

Some women are always full of bling, while others wear only a few trinkets, while others love conspicuous jewelry. According to the famous American psychologist Dr. Eliani, the jewelry worn by women not only reveals their tastes and tastes, but also reflects their character.
Gold jewelry with gold rings, gold earrings, gold bracelets and gold necklaces are often a confident, outgoing and friendly person. If only wear a few gold, such as only wearing a gold ring or a gold watch and a necklace, explain the appreciation taste of a good thing, but not very outgoing personality, pay attention to discipline yourself, not a literally of person.
Silver jewelry likes to wear silver jewelry is an orderly person who likes to do things according to the preset rules, especially the daily routine, and not like sudden surprise.
Family jewelry some women like Dai Guchuan jewelry, such as old bracelet, old-fashioned earrings and rings, or a pair of old sleeve or plastron, rather than restructuring or buy trendy modern jewelry, also have no this kind of jewelry, this woman is very nostalgic homesick, loyal to family, also very loyal to friends.
Visible jewelry or sorrow to wear very big very pleasing to the eye big jewelry such as earrings, large pectoral, big glume color jewelry, very bright decoration such as women, mostly carefree person, have a good sense of humor, likes to highlight in the missile. Be willing to help, be good with others, and be welcome.
Art jewelry someone like to buy handmade jewelry or homemade ornaments, pretty different, this kind of person, creative potential, unique taste, individual itself is extremely appeal and individual character.
Religious jewelry loves little crosses or other religious trinkets, often with deep inner strength, proud of their own qualities. The person is practical, no flower shelf, do not want to have the decorations of the ingredients on the body, not to like the fake fancy jewelry they may have the patience of endurance, but do not like to boast about themselves.
Fake jewelry on the string of ruby, green jade, actually all is fake, this kind of women leave their appearance in very important position, perhaps is demanding on the life and love, even a degree.
No jewelry, some people don't wear any jewelry, don't care about others jewels, this kind of person is very practical, in the minds of others not to set up their own image, she may be very pay attention to the inner man, does not pay attention to appearance, and no money to buy jewelry is not.